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San Francisco’s Amazing Tourism Success

What’s In a Name?

Back in 2010, the executives at the San Francisco CVB thought that the word bureau in their name was too “bureaucratic” so they changed their name and changed their website to  In 2012, visitor spending reached an all-time high; over $8.93 billion dollars spent in local businesses (up 5.5% from 2011).

SanFrancisco.Travel Website

This massive injection of visitor dollars directly supports local hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions, and cultural institutions. It also indirectly bolsters practically every segment of the city’s economy and has a broad positive influence on government finances – some $562 million in tax and fee revenue flowed into the City and County of San Francisco in 2012, up 6.7% from the previous year.

Domain Names Matter  

If you can coin a name or website address that tells who you are and what you do at the same time you are getting twice the mileage from that name.  That is one of the reasons that .travel domain names can be so helpful.  The .travel domain name was created a few years ago to cater to travel professionals in booking, hospitality, travel media, and regional promotion.  It is not available to the general public and proof of involvement in the travel business is normally required upon registration of the .travel domain name.  It’s becoming more popular year after year.

It’s Not About You, It’s About the Destination

“What travel marketers have to remember is that visitors are not looking for your business or bureau name when they search on the Internet, they are looking for information on the destination(s)  that they have in mind”, says Joe Alagna, V.P. at where they cater to .travel websites for the industry.

He went on, “The average vacation planner has no idea of who you are but they do know where they want to go and they are looking for things to do while they are there.  A .travel domain name with the city or destination in front of it helps you to provide that information in a concise way and helps your firm by allowing consumers to become more familiar with you while they research their desired destinations.  .Travel domains are great for hotels, travel agents, and regional economic development/tourism agencies.”

There are thousands of “” domain names still available for registration.  It’s not like .com, where you have to search for hours to find your city name or a good destination name. The website allows travel professionals to validate and register domains in one step rather than having to go from site to site to prove their .travel credentials.

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