SSL/TLS Buyer’s Guide


What to consider before you buy an SSL Certificate?

Don’t just buy any SSL, we make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.

Why should you get an SSL Certificate?

Would you do business with somebody you don’t trust? Neither would your customers!

Make the right choice

SSL is good for business

Almost every website involves some exchange of information— from login details for an online application to contact info on a landing page—and today’s savvy online consumers won’t stay on a website unless they feel confident that it’s secure.

Use this guide to help you select an SSL/TLS option for your business.

Include industry standard 256-bit encryption (SHA-2)

Ensure a secure encrypted connection between browser and server

Display HTTPS and a padlock next to web address in browser bar

Verify domain control

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a universally accepted security protocol used by web browsers and servers to protect data passed back and forth on a website. Two components—the protocol and the certificate—work together to enable a secure HTTPS connection.

The protocol is the code and procedures for accessing a secure site by establishing an encrypted connection between a browser and a web server. The client browser requests a secure connection from the web server with a unique code used to generate an SSL certificate for encryption. The host responds with the valid SSL certificate and a secure connection is established to protect all data transferred on the website.

Premium (EV) SSL Boosts Your Sales

  • According to PhishLabs, within a 30-day-window, 99.5% of HTTPS phishing sites had basic SSL Certificate so it’s getting tougher to distinguish legit from non-legit DV sites
  • Bizrate reports 69% of online shoppers specifically look for websites that display trust symbols
  • In a Ted-ED Survey:
    • 77% of online buyers are hesitant to shop on a website without EV SSL
    • 100% noticed the green address bar
    • 93% prefer to shop on sites with EV
    • 97% are likely to share credit card info on sites with EV vs. only 63% on non-EV sites
  • EV is proven to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversions:
    •—8.6% decrease in shopping cart abandonment
    •—33% more purchases were completed with 27% higher sales per transaction
    • CRS Hotels—30% more conversions for their central reservation service
    • Fitness Footwear—16.9% increase in conversions
    • iStyles—28% jump in conversions


The visual cues provided by SSL help your visitors feel confident they can trust your site. Choosing the right certificate is about both security and selecting the level of trust you need to gain from your customers.


The certificate authority that issues your SSL/ TLS certificate is just as important as the kind of certificate you choose. You want to be backed by a name that both you, and your visitors, know and trust.


EV is recommended by PCI (Payment Card Industry) for websites that handle sensitive information, such as insurance records, credit card information or personally identifiable information (PII).

To choose the right certificate type and functionality, answer these questions:

Do I Need to? Solution Use Case
Add basic security to one site? Basic SSL Certificate Enables HTTPS for 1 domain (both www and non-www)
Add basic security to a site with subdomains? Wildcard SSL Certificate Enables HTTPS for 1 domain and unlimited subdomains (such as,, etc.)
Secure a website that handles personal data and/or payment information? Premium SSL Certificate Enables HTTPS for 1 domain and shows your verified company name in the browser address bar, a.k.a. “the green address bar”

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