Encryption is coming.

What is SSL and why is it so important?

Having SSL is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. SSL Certificates give your customers assurance that your website is a verified and credible source.

From “Non Secure” to Secure

Would you do business with somebody you don’t trust? Investing in technology to protect your customers and earn their trust is a critical factor for your website’s success.


Choosing the right SSL Certificate

There are three levels of validation when it comes to SSL. Learn what each validation process entails.

Basic understanding of SSL Certificates


Learn from the experts

Kimberly Darwin & Yevgeniy Churinov


What you will take away from the webinar:

  • Understand how SSL works and the benefits
  • Get a look at the visual security indicators your visitors will see with SSL
  • Learn how to avoid non secure browser warnings
  • Prepare your digital assets with the right SSL type and validation method for your business

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