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Calling All Trademark Lawyers:

Trademark Legal Services Network

Online Lawyer Registrations for the 101domain Trademark Legal Services Network Are Now Open

This week we “soft launched” the new 101domain Trademark Legal Services Network, a service designed to meet the demand of many of our customers looking to register trademarks around the world with confidence – all from one place. Many law firms pre-registered before this week’s launch, and we are now accepting online registrations from lawyers and legal firms around the world to expand our coverage to over 200 countries worldwide.

Just as a brief overview, the network will satisfy the needs and benefit both the lawyers and the clients. Lawyers attract new, targeted leads, and customers avoid the hassle of researching and choosing reliable lawyers in the countries they want to register trademarks in.

Click here for more information on joining the network as an attorney or firm.

For clients interested in international trademark registration, you can already order trademark services in the countries that already have legal representatives signed up and ready to go, which include Argentina, Chile, Spain, and many more.