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101domain Still Accepting Registrations During .MX “Quiet Period”

As some of you know, .MX Sunrise registrations will end July 31st and .MX will go into a so-called “quiet period” in which the registry will be reviewing all received applications during the month of August (the period begins tomorrow, August 1, and ends August 30th. This means that no new registrations will be accepted by the registry until September 1st when the .MX extension goes live, but 101domain will still be accepting requests for .MC domains even during this period.

While 101domain will still be accepting requests for .MX domains during the month of August, it is important to understand that there will be a delay until SEPTEMBER 1st for the domain to be registered. Existing restrictions for .MX domains still apply, but as of September 1st, the extension will be fully live and there will be open registrations (no requirement to own a domain as during the sunrise).

We cannot guarantee that you will get domains that you request during this quiet period, as the name you want may have been taken during the Sunrise, but we will do our best to secure the domain, and requesting it before hand may well improve your chances since we will go to register the domain immediately on September 1st. If it turns out that you don’t get the domain, we will refund your registration fee right away, so if you missed out on sunrise, make sure you make a request during the quiet period to give yourself the best chance – contact us by phone or email and we’ll be glad to take your request.