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.ASIA Domains Appear on the Market

Now until March 31st, get your .ASIA domain registration for $6.00/year!

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Owning a .ASIA domain is a fantastic opportunity in the domain market and is connecting western businesses with Asia much faster than expected. Asia is quickly becoming the world’s largest internet market and will soon supersede internet users in the United States. This area is gaining large economic increases and is now expanding the identity of the Asian market. It is predicted that households in Asian countries such as South Korea, Singapore, and Japan are internet wired in over 90 percent of homes. ICANN has opened registrations for individuals who have contacts in Asia to grow the domain extension into a truly global presence.

A new .ASIA domain registration will give the opportunity for buyers to identify with the region as a whole, compared to individual country domain names. The ICANN sponsored .ASIA domain name space is anuntouched resource for businesses and individuals alike and will give them the opportunity to gain an internet presence in the Asian markets at a very cheap price. A presence in the Asian market in the future will surely enhance business connections and keep entrepreneurs and business owners ahead of the game. The Asian market will soon be the leader for everything.

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