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Baidu Sues, Alleging Negligence in Hacker Attack

Baidu Inc., the popular Chinese search engine,announced this week that it is suing domain registrar for alleged negligence that allowed a cyber attack by the Iranian Cyber Army earlier this month to be successful. The hackers were able to change the DNS for Baidu’s domain name. This incident, and the impending lawsuit, certainly shed light on the importance of domain security, both for registrars who offer no security services, and for registrants to take advantage of those services when they are available. You can read more about the Baidu / situation at Domain Name Wire and The Wall Street Journal (if you have a subscription).

Here at, we’ve been counseling our clients on the importance of security when it comes to their domains and websites for a while, and continue to develop new features and addons that allow individuals and companies to secure their portfolios. Soon we will be releasing new services to augment our current security efforts, like Verisign’s VIP, registry lock, and DNSSec, that will give our clients even more peace of mind when it comes to their vulnerability to the types of attacks endured by Baidu and many others. If you have any questions about how we can help you keep your domains safe, contact one of our domain services specialists to find out more!