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.CN makes a splash in the shopping world

The newest trend occurring in the online shopping world for consumers is that major brands are opening up shop for Chinese customers using the domain name extension .CN. Why you may ask are major brands such as LV (, Armani (, MUJI (, C&A ( and GAP ( opening major online stores? The sheer size of the audience alone would want any company to open up in China having over 538 million people online and over 200 million people participating in online shopping. Over 90 percent of the fortune top 500 hundred list have a China ccTLD. The opportunity to be part of the largest internet audience available is a big draw for companies to be part of this market region. This opportunity to build a whole new branding and marketing structure in China allows companies to experience the rich resource of the Chinese domain name. This resource is a major reason why companies are pushing to become part of the online market in China. It is interesting to note that over 40 percent of consumers in China shop online and are replacing the traditional shopping structure. It is important for companies to become part of the Chinese market using .CN as their homepage. At 101 domain you can register for .CN names if you visit The pricing structure for .CN is higher than for other countries, however it is well worth the amount of exposure your company will have to the largest market.