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Latin America ccTLDs Continue To Grow

According to data  from the Latino Americann, latin america continue to be the fastest growing ccTLDs, led by .BR, .AR, .VE and .MX.  Frequent visitors to our site and newsletter recipients have already seen the push for .MX domains through its re-release sunrise period, including a special price promotion, and .BR has been a high-demand extension as well.  In terms of growth, the highest growth in June was seen on .EC (7.50%), .MX (4.11%) and .PY (2.69%) extensions.  For number of registrations, the June leaders were  .BR (30,263), .AR (21,892), .MX (12,663) and .CL (3,159).  101domain has all of these extensions, and information for registration is listed below.

Here is the current pricing information for these popular domain extensions.  See the individual pages for the registration requirements and any special regulations.

.EC Domains: $99/year
.MX Domains (Still in Sunrise!) : $35 (see the domain page for sunrise regulations)
.COM.BR Domains: $130 / year
.COM.PY Domains:  $120/year

Some of these prices are newly lowered, so take advantage and grab up these very popular domains before it’s too late.  If you need any help or want to transfer all or part of your domain portfolio to 101domain, contact one of our domain services specialists and they’ll be happy to help you.

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