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Launch of the New Chinese .香港 Domain

This February/March, the Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited will launch the new Chinese .香港 Domain.   The partial IDN domains like 公司.hk will be replaced with the new full IDN like .公司.香港.      There will be a corresponding .香港 domain category for every Chinese .hk category.    No applications will be accepted for the partial IDN domains from January 18, 2011 onwards.  All registered Chinese .hk domain names will still be usable and continue to be supported.  Further, for those customers who have registered a Chinese .hk domain name, a corresponding Chinese .香港 will be automatically allocated for free after the launch.

Take this opportunity to register your Chinese .hk domain name now with to take advantage of this priority offer, and get your corresponding .香港 domain for free when it is launched.