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Netherland Antilles Split create new CCTLD’s

On October 10, 2010 the Netherland Antilles officially split and Curacao and Sint Maarten became autonomous territories of the Netherlands.  The Netherlands is now the administrator for Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius.  Three months later three new country-code top-level domains were created to denote the separation of the islands,  and after one week the IANA added the new ccTLD’s to their database. The new ccTLD’s appeared on the market during Christmas.  What does that mean for buyers? Although the opportunity to buy has passed the new ccTLD’s remain profitable. Even the countries governments have to apply for their own ccTLD’s, which largely are owned by domain name companies. The countries are small and have few traffic so it won’t be time for high volumes buys of ccTLD’s, but some profit is possible. Hilariously enough, one of the new ccTLD’s (Sint Maarten) has a new ccTLD called .sx, which can easily fail victim to bad usage.  At any rate there are new ccTLD’s, which help the IANA database grow and create new internet identities for those countries.