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New Internet Governance

There is an air of change happening in the Internet world!

Last week in an Internet conference in Bali, Indonesia the Brazilian Minister of Communications stated that the purpose for the Spring Internet Governance Summit in Brazil was to formulate a new model for Internet Governance. This comes after much anger from the Brazilian country when the United States had been spying on them.

The structure of the Internet currently relies largely on the United States through ICANN and has been highly centralized. Currently, critics are saying the model must change to something more democratic and inclusive of the other countries in the world. However, many are in hopes that the topic will remain on civil rights and human rights in regard to the Internet and not focus too largely on governance.

United States Coordinator for Communications stated the United States is taking everyone’s concerns seriously, however institutionalized control of the Internet is something to be guarded about. Hopefully this debate of how the Internet should be changed in terms of governing will be solved before the summit meets.

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