Here’s a recap of our favorite resources being shared around the office in June.

1. StoryBase

You don’t have to be a mind reader to know what your customers are searching for online. pulls insightful and straightforward data that helps you create relevant content for internet users. Understand potential customer’s thought processes and what influences their purchasing decisions so you can better communicate your message and sell your products and services. With data collected from huge players like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, you can implement keywords, phrases and questions being searched for in your blog posts, videos, articles, website content and marketing materials. Storybase gives you the tools to grow your brand organically so customers find you easier.

2. Wistia


The folks at have really great content for companies who want to start incorporating video into their marketing plan. A lack of financial resources for fancy film equipment isn’t a reason to give up on your dream of shooting videos. They cover everything from how you can get a DIY filming set-up for under $100, how you can use your smartphone for recording video and audio, and how to turn your employees into actors (not really – but kind of!)

3. HubSpot GIFS


Nothing can communicate your message quite like a GIF. Now that GIFS are readily available via Twitter and iOS they are becoming a standard part of our online language. You can learn to make your own GIFS in Photoshop with This lesson is easy to replicate even for the most beginner Photoshop users.

4. Abbreviations

Become a trend forecaster for domain hacks in the domain industry with Many Country Code domains are used as abbreviations and acronyms for other words or terms. We see trends come and go all of the time and sometimes they catch on like wildfire. We use Abbreviation’s  search to become familiar with emerging domain hacks so we can stay ahead of the trend.

5. MyDevice

Understanding how your customers search for information online is just as important as what they are searching for. If your demographic is a younger audience and most of your revenue is coming from mobile orders that will tell you to invest more time and effort into your mobile website, or if most of your email subscribers are viewing your emails on Apple products you can build your templates with this information in mind. is a great tool for developers. Visit the website on any device to discover metrics such as screen size, pixel ratio, density and more to create a better customer experience.