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Who’s excited for Halloween? The 101domain team certainly is, and therefore, we want to share with you our favorite web resources for the spooky time of the year. Boo!

1. Ghostery

Ghostery is now an open-source software and browser extension that blocks advertisers and web publishers from tracking your online behavior. The internet gathers a lot of information from you with each online session. Some companies make use of monitoring your web browsing data to sell them to third-party organizations to create targeted ads – talk about spooky! Ghostery functions as an ad-blocking tool and strives to maintain your privacy online. Upon completing the installation process on your browser of choice, the tool automatically counts the trackers following you on a certain page and gives you the full list with the choice to block them

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2. Giphy

Need the perfect Halloween GIF? Look no further. Giphy is a search extension that allows you to type in keywords to search, select, then drag and drop your selected GIF. Search results are drawn from an internal GIF archive and come up almost instantaneously, thanks to a collection of static tiles that animate when your mouse over them. GIFs can help you illustrate your content, make an email more fun, or keep people engaged with your blog post.

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3. Kraken

It’s always a good idea to try a new recipe, but what if your pantry is full with stuff, just not what you need for a specific recipe? SuperCook helps you figure out things to eat based on what you’ve got. The virtual kitchen recommends recipes you can make with what’s in your kitchen and maybe some extra items to match up with their original recipe. Just enter ingredients, and it will start listing recipes. Every time you add another ingredient, it finds recipes using only those ingredients and only a minimum of additional items.

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4. Story Wars

Story Wars is a place where writers with ideas can express their thoughts. Any person can pitch an idea and create a story, but the moment the story is published, it will get adopted by the Story Wars Collaborative Community. Each user can write a chapter to a story that they like and contribute their part. For each chapter to be official, you have to go up against other authors and the best one will be voted in. Do you have what it takes?

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5. SelfControl

The internet can be a massive distraction. One minute you’re working on your tasks, and in the next moment you’re sucked into a “What cheese are you” quiz. SelfControl is a free, open-source application that lets you block your access to distracting websites or the internet in general. You simply decide a time you want to block, add sites to your blacklist, and jump start your self-control-help. Until that set timer expires, you won’t have access to those sites. Once you start a session, you cannot stop it so beware.

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