Every year comes and goes (17 years to be exact) and we find time to reflect on how far we have come, we look back on the great moments and we set goals for what we wish to accomplish in 2017. Just because it’s January 3rd does not mean it’s too late to set those resolutions so here is the list we’ve composed:

  • Make customer service our #1 focus
  • Expand our support team so we can respond to all support tickets immediately
  • New website design
  • Make getting online as easy as it should beblog1
  • Create a tab for our blog people can actually find
  • Get rid of those stock people photos and let you see the real us (in all our ugliness…er glory)
  • Have 10 employees consistently show up for our workout class
  • Establish Ruff Friday’s as a thing (because who wouldn’t be happier and more productive with a bunch of puppers running around?)


  • Grow our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter following (just kidding…but not really – we have funny accounts, guys!)
  • Give back
  • More out of office events with co-workers (we love each other we promise)
  • Have fewer meetings


We’re looking forward to an exciting customer experience driven year filled with many more amazing moments, collaborations, achievements and success for all! We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2017.