Wikipedia and Google, among other websites, decided to shut down at midnight last night in order to protest the recent anti-piracy bills that have been passing through U.S Congress. The bill in congress was identified as PIPA and SOPA, and critics say it could cripple freedom of speech for the internet. The website,, says that they will not being able to continue giving free use to users and will have trouble operating. The company claims that they are in support of copyright infringement laws, but are not in favor how the law is written and say it just needs to be reconstituted.  News of the shutdown peaked interest on social networks, and was of the  highest talked about issues.People seem to want a resolution that will be reasonable to users and the entertainment industries. Wikipedia on Thursday morning thanked users for participating in the protest, which gathered more than 150 million people to support it. To read further on this topic please click here for CNN and here for eCommerce Times.