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Our Mailspot Email Service Is Being Discontinued

Times are changing, and so is the way we work. Our Mailspot email service no longer represents the standard of service expected at 101domain. Therefore, we have decided to phase out the product from our portfolio. You can no longer purchase it on our website, and customers using this email service will need to move their mail to one of our other (not to mention superior) email solutions in the near future.

What’s Happening to my Email, and When?

June 5th – You will no longer be able to renew or make changes to your existing email subscription.

June 30th – We are offering likely the best offer you will find for Google Workspace anywhere, and the most significant discount ever offered on our Web Hosting. But hurry, this offer is only available until the end of June.

September 30th – Mailspot email service is discontinued. All existing customers will need to migrate their mail before this date or before all email data is deleted.

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The Future of Email

Most people start every work day in email. In 2019, there were 3.9 billion email users worldwide who sent and received an average of 293.6 billion emails per day – and a Hubspot study found that 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. So you could say it’s pretty important.

Email is:

  • Universal
  • Platform/device agnostic
  • Professional 
  • Not going anywhere

And it allows for: 

  • More formal communications
  • Better record-keeping
  • Easy access and referencing
  • The space and time to be thoughtful

What Other 101domain Email Solutions Are Available?

We want to help you improve the relationship with your inbox and move your business to do more with Google Workspace or Web Hosting Email.

Option 1


Get a custom business email address along with your go-to apps like Gmail, Meet, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and more.

At a glance

  • 30 gb storage (apps & email) per user
  • 99.9%+ accuracy in blocking spam and business email compromise scams
  • Pay per user, but Google Workspace has a lot more to offer than just basic email
  • Cheaper option for those with only 1 mailbox, plus you get your go-to apps like Docs, Meet, Calendar, and Drive.

Who it’s good for

  • Everyone!
  • Users who require reliability and security 
  • People who use free Gmail and want the upgraded, paid version
  • Businesses who work with outside contractors and need to store and share files
  • Teams who have remote employees
  • Companies who host video and voice meetings

Option 2

Consolidate your email and hosting in one place. Get multiple email accounts and a basic email platform with your Web Hosting plan.

At a glance

  •  50 gb storage (website & email) combined
  • Fine-tune spam settings
  • All of our Web Hosting plans come with 1-100 mailboxes (up to unlimited mailboxes with Business Pro) for one yearly flat fee
  • Basic, no-frills email

Who it’s good for

  • Companies that want to consolidate their hosting and email services
  • Users who want an upgraded version of the existing Mailspot email service, and don’t want any additional tools for work
  • People who are using multiple domain names across multiple email boxes (ex. if you manage multiple clients/businesses)
  • Businesses with 6+ inboxes who want to streamline costs

No matter which email solution you choose, we know you will be pleased with the superior experience and features. When you have made your decision head on over to our migration page for the next steps.