What is WHOIS Lookup?

As we all know the internet is not a private place. Every registered domain name contains full name and contact information about its owner, which is available for everyone in the world to see in what is often referred to as a WHOIS search. There are absolutely no restrictions on how many times or who is able to view this personal information.

When you register a domain name a WHOIS record is created with all of the information you provide including information used for regulating the domain name space, addressing technical issues, important dates, and the status of your domain to help others determine its availability.

Do I Have Privacy with WHOIS Lookup?

Short answer – no, but you can. Anyone can use a WHOIS domain lookup to search for people or organizations behind different domain names. If you do not get WHOIS Privacy Protection offered by your Registrar (like us, 101domain) at checkout beware of getting spammed with marketing emails. Without purchasing WHOIS Privacy Protection during checkout, your information is made public to anyone. This public information is often used by spammers, unsolicited advertising companies, domain hijacking, and your competitors to learn what you are doing.

If you do not get WHOIS Privacy Protection when you initially register your domain your information will very likely be archived somewhere on the internet so even if you later purchase the Privacy Protection many services out there will still have your personal information archived.

How Does Privacy Protection Combat WHOIS Lookup?

With Privacy Protection your name, address and email will be shielded from a WHOIS search and instead supplemented with the contact information we have provided. Your domain name will remain entirely yours, but your personal information will not be accessible to anyone on the internet who knows how to do a simple WHOIS domain lookup.


Don’t let the Peeping Tom’s of the internet get ahold of your private information through a WHOIS search and make sure to opt-in to Privacy Protection at checkout!