With the rise and launch of new top-level domains (TLDs) in the last 10 years, no longer has the word-wide-web been limited to ‘.com.’ and ‘.net’. With this massive expansion of the Internet, brand owners have been faced with significant new challenges in protecting their names and trademarks from cybercriminals. Are you ensuring your brand and reputation are protected within the online adult space? AdultBlock gives brand owners piece-of-mind by blocking their names and brands in all four adult-industry-themed TLDs:  .xxx, .sex, .porn, and .adult.

AdultBlock domain extensions

Introducing AdultBlock…

AdultBlock replaces the original .xxx domain blocks that took place during the TLD’s launch in 2011. AdultBlock uses new technology in domain blocking to provide the easiest and most cost-effective domain protection for brand owners.

.xxx block to AdultBlock

How does AdultBlock work?

With trademark infringement on the rise, it is critical for brand owners to take proactive strategies to safeguard their trademarks. AdultBlock is proactive brand protection in which brands, organizations, and celebrities can effortlessly block cybercriminals from exploiting their brands and customer trust within the online adult space. 

Previously exclusive to brand trademark participants of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and to original .xxx domain block holders, AdultBlock now allows any brand or individual to apply for protections, even with unregistered trademarks.  

AdultBlock prevents the registration of your name, brand, or other trademarks across all four of the adult-themed TLDs within the domain space. Save yourself the time and resources it takes to register and manage these domains separately, for a fraction of the cost and effort.

AdultBlock protection

The benefits at a glance

    • Block labels from registration across each of .xxx, .adult, .porn & .sex.
    • Block premium names as well as any presently registered names when they become available, preventing backorders.
    • Block domains with flexible terms of 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years.
    • Brand protection and peace of mind with zero maintenance.

Expand your protection with AdultBlock+

AdultBlock+ expands your protection immensely, using advanced typographic tools to identify every creative domain someone could use to damage your online reputation, blocking thousands of additional domains from registration. Get protection against look-alike names and variants made from 137,994 unique characters across over 150 scripts and languages. 

Use the Trademark Variant Search to review and download a list of variants blocked for your trademark.

Trademark variant search

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