How to use Brand Monitoring Like Country Legend Luke Combs

In the age of social media and e-commerce, protecting your brand’s intellectual property online is a full-time job. It requires constant attention and expertise. Recent real-world incidents, like the viral story involving country artist Luke Combs, highlight the importance for celebrities and corporate brands with registered trademarks to remain vigilant in safeguarding their online presence. We cannot wait to share this heartwarming story and demonstrate how it relates to 101domain’s brand monitoring services.

A Tale of Brand Monitoring Gone Viral

Nicol Harness, a fan of Luke Combs, inadvertently found herself tangled up in a copyright infringement lawsuit when she sold Luke Combs-themed tumblers through her homemade gifts online store. Despite her genuine support for the artist and lack of malice, Nicol was ordered by a judge to pay $250,000 in damages. Her Amazon storefront was promptly shut down, and her proceeds were frozen, leaving her devastated.

When Luke Combs learned of Nicol’s situation, he took immediate action to make things right. Expressing his empathy for his fan’s unintentional involvement, he pledged to send her $11,000 (double the amount frozen in her Amazon account) and personally create his own tumbler to generate further proceeds for Nicol, who also battles congestive heart failure. Luke’s compassionate response resonated with fans worldwide as he extended an invitation to meet Nicol and her family at one of his shows.


Your Brand Is Better Safe Than Sorry

All tales don’t end with a happy ending like this one. This viral moment serves as a reminder of the importance of online brand protection for trademark holders. Even though Luke Combs said the service he pays for is supposed to go after “large corporations operating internationally that make millions and millions of dollars, making counterfeit T shirts, things of that nature”, it’s good to know that it even finds the little guys. That’s comprehensive protection. 101domain offers a wide range of brand monitoring services, akin to what Luke Combs implemented, to help trademark holders protect their online brand identity. 


101domain’s Brand Monitoring Services

Curious about how brand monitoring works? Allow us to explain. Brand monitoring services diligently monitor every aspect of the Internet, ensuring coverage from domain names to specific images on web pages and beyond. By proactively detecting any potential unauthorized use of your brand or intellectual property, these services prevent abuse and uphold the trust of your valued customers.

Monitoring can protect your brand from: 

  • Counterfeiting
  • Cybersquatting and drop catching
  • Unauthorized retail
  • Domain name hijacking
  • Traffic diversion
  • Overall brand reputation, including the reputation of your top executives
  • Affiliate abuse
  • Phishing scams
  • IP infringement

Here are some of the different monitoring solutions we offer:

Marketplace Watch monitors multiple platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and many more, allowing you to uncover if someone is selling your products, if they are legitimate or counterfeit, and if they are an authorized seller.

Domain Name Monitoring is our most popular monitoring service that searches for domain names infringing on your brand and intellectual property in over 900 domain extensions, including generic domain extensions (like .com and .net), new generic domains extensions (like .shop and .social), and country code domain extensions (like .ai and .cn) worldwide.

Web Page Change Watch is a great monitoring tool to implement when you identify a potentially problematic domain name. You can set up Web Page Change Watch to track when changes are made to a site and its content, including DNS settings, domain expiration dates, and ownership information to help you determine whether you need to take action.

International Trademark Monitoring notifies you of recently submitted trademark applications and company formations with similar or identical trademarks in databases around the world.

Be everywhere, all at once, with 101domain’s brand monitoring solutions.