GlobalBlock: Unified Domain Blocking for IP Protection

Throughout the years, major brands around the globe have utilized defensive domain blocking solutions to prevent domain registrations that contain their brand names. This allows them to protect their intellectual property without having to register every domain individually. Now, GlobalBlock has emerged, and it is looking to introduce the world’s first unified domain blocking solution. In this article, we’ll explore the innovative capabilities and potential impact of GlobalBlock on IP protection in the online landscape.

The Evolution of Domain Blocking

The concept of domain blocking has come a long way, adapting and expanding to meet the needs of brand protection. It all began in 2011 with the introduction of the Sunrise B blocking program during the launch of the x-rated .xxx domain. This program created a foundation, setting the stage for future domain blocking services.

In 2013, Donuts Registry (now Identity Digital) took a leap forward with the Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) block. This ground-breaking blocking service covered an extensive list of over 300 country code and new generic domains, providing a level of protection that was unprecedented at the time.

Fast forward to 2019 when AdultBlock was introduced, replacing the xxx Sunrise B program. With AdultBlock, brands gained protection across four adult-themed domains: .xxx, .sex, .porn, and .adult. This move demonstrated the continuous evolution of domain blocking strategies.

Now, here comes GlobalBlock, ushering in a new era of domain blocking. What sets GlobalBlock apart is its unique approach of unifying multiple domain registries. Domain registries are the organizations that operate top-level domains, and because GlobalBlock is not limited to one provider it has the ability to adapt and expand. GlobalBlock is launching with over 500 domains and has the the potential to encompass an ever-growing list of domains, providing an unparalleled level of IP protection.

How Does GlobalBlock Provide Comprehensive IP Protection?

The GlobalBlock process begins by finding and blocking all available domain names that match your brand across multiple domains and registries. These blocked domains are securely held within a dedicated blocking account, ensuring no one else can purchase them.

To further your brand protection, GlobalBlock incorporates the Priority AutoCatch feature. This intelligent feature operates in the background, continuously monitoring for any domains that may have been unavailable during the initial blocking process. As soon as these domains become available, Priority AutoCatch instantly blocks them to safeguard your brand from drop-catching tactics commonly used by infringers.

For enhanced IP protection, GlobalBlock+ takes it a step further by extending its blocking capabilities to include look-alike domains. These deceptive domains, which typically only differ by a single character, are frequently used in online scams. With GlobalBlock’s comprehensive approach to IP protection, businesses can proactively block online threats and confidently safeguard their brands from fraudulent activities.

GlobalBlock logo

mybrand.<All GlobalBlock TLDs>

GlobalBlock Plus logo

mybrand.<All GlobalBlock TLDs>
my-brand. <All GlobalBlock TLDs>
mybr⍺nd.<All GlobalBlock TLDs>

Domain Blocking vs. Domain Registration: Which Is More Advantageous?

When it comes to protecting online brands, companies worldwide invest substantial resources, often amounting to millions of dollars. In this regard, GlobalBlock is the ultimate domain portfolio optimization tool. It offers a time-efficient and cost-effective alternative to managing numerous individual defensive domain registrations.

One key advantage of GlobalBlock is its ability to help companies avoid domain name disputes, costly acquisitions, and potential legal battles. By proactively blocking domains that match their brand, organizations can effectively mitigate these risks. This, in turn, translates into significant financial savings and a more streamlined approach to IP protection.

Furthermore, GlobalBlock opens doors to domains that were previously too expensive or challenging to register individually. By directly blocking all available names that align with your brand, GlobalBlock eliminates any further requirements associated with traditional domain registrations.

The flexibility provided by GlobalBlock is another remarkable benefit. Brands can easily move domains in and out of their block at any time, and this comes at no additional cost. The blocked domains remain inactive until businesses decide to utilize them.

Who is Eligible for GlobalBlock IP Protection?

A wide variety of labels and terms are available to block, including:

  • Registered trademarks – An active trademark.
  • Unregistered trademarks – A mark created by a business or individual to distinguish a product or service.
  • Company or organization names – Registered companies & Trading As names.
  • Celebrity names – Famous persons, sports stars and personalities, political figures, actors, social media celebrities and public figures.
IP protection

GlobalBlock empowers organizations to safeguard their brands more efficiently and reclaim valuable time to focus on core activities. Find out what GlobalBlock can do for you.