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Google Just Made SSL Certificates A Must Have For Your Business Website

One of our customers recently asked us for advice on website security,

Dear Support, we have registered a new domain […] and have published a very basic website. We do however get complaints from clients that Google is blocking this website as “unsafe” and brings up a huge red page warning people to not proceed to this site. How would we be able to overcome this problem?

Remember when we told you the new Google Chrome update that launched in October was going to start labeling websites that do not have an SSL Certificate as Non-Secure? Well it’s happened, and yes, your customers are noticing.

Here’s a video that shows the difference in how a non-secure and secure website looks in the new Google Chrome.

The solution

We offer a variety of SSL Certificates that fit every brand and budget. SSL Certificates protect your customer’s online transactions and ensure that all of the information passed back and forth remains private and secure. Adding an SSL Certificate to your website is easy and will prevent Google from labeling your website as non-secure to online visitors. You can tell if a website has an SSL Certificate by looking in the URL bar, where the most basic forms of SSL will display in green text and start with “https://” the “s” standing for secure, and with more advanced SSL Certificates that display a green bar and lock next to the website address.

Google is making security a top priority moving forward and so should you. Make sure your brand has an SSL Certificate in place and only visit websites that are secure when you’re browsing the web.