On my 20-minute commute from Carlsbad to our office in Vista this morning, I tuned into the AJ Morning Show on Energy 103.7 as I always do. Growing up in Los Angeles and now living in San Diego, I feel qualified to say that the AJ Show is the most entertaining radio talk show in Southern California. Big statement, I know. Along with driving down the coast and seeing all of the early morning surfers, I am not afraid to admit that listening to the AJ Show is a highlight of my mornings. Today, the host AJ shared an interesting dating app and used his co-host Tonya and Intern Alex for his example.

Listen to the clip below:

As a marketer, I’m that person that will stay on the same radio station even during commercials because I secretly like picking apart the ads and paying attention to what works and what doesn’t, and now that I have been working in the domain name industry for over a year I find myself paying special attention to the website addresses being used.

It was such a nice surprise to hear the .ai TLD getting some traction this morning with the dating app, Dating.ai in the segment. First, because Dating.ai is operated by one of our clients, Haystack.ai and we love to see our customers killing it, and secondly because it solidifies the fact that it’s finally happening – industry-specific domain hacks like the domain of artificial intelligence are being recognized and advocated for by the general consumer.

“The hot new dating app that everyone is on is really fun even if you’re not dating. It’s called Dating.ai, I think the AI stands for Artificial Intelligence…”

Artificial Intelligence surrounds us in our everyday lives and it is where our society is heading in the near future. The ai domain is the ai domain country code for Anguilla, but most notably recognized as the domain of artificial intelligence. Robotic scientists, programmers, and new start-ups are creating cutting edge technologies with artifical intelligence in the ai domain name space. Artificial intelligence already drives $33 trillion in economic activity and is predicted to power 85% of customer service interactions by 2020. .ai TLD is the domain of the future.

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