.gay domain: a new era of allyship

LGBTQ inclusivity is good for business, and a .gay domain is a powerful megaphone to amplify corporate allyship. Consumers today see brands not just as providers of useful products and services, but as powerful organizations with an obligation to advance social good. Companies that aren’t afraid to use their brand to publicly advocate for LGBTQ equality are viewed favorably by Millennials and Gen Z in particular.

.gay domain open to all

How Businesses, Brands & Corporations Show .GAY Domain Allyship

In this new era of allyship, businesses, brands, and corporations can use .gay domains to build trust within LGBTQ communities. Companies like Grindr, Atari, Mister B&B, and Qutie already have active .gay websites. The Sunrise period for trademark holders to register ends on September 4. An Early Access Period is set for September 8 –15, and .gay launches to the world on September 16, so now is the time to consider this important marketing asset for your business. Here are some ways a .gay domain can help you amplify your allyship: 

Not sure in which phase to register your .gay domain, check out this .gay launch explainer!

 Pride Marketing with .GAY Domain

Participating in Pride is an important way to signal that your company supports LGBTQ people. Pride is most often celebrated in June, and it is a commemoration of the long history of struggle and activism that has advanced the rights of LGBTQ people. 

.gay makes a perfect home for your digital Pride campaign. At public events like parades, marches, and festivals, you can display your short, easy-to-remember .gay domain on your banner, signeage, and swag. 

Inclusive Recruiting

Use a .gay domain to show off your own internal teams and hiring policies. Your public commitment to diversity will bolster your recruiting efforts and help you win top talent. 

Depending on where you are located, LGBTQ relationships might not have the same legal recognition and protection as opposite-sex relationships. Corporate policies that extend corporate benefits to LGBTQ partners can help catalyze positive change in your community, and these policies are an important criteria for Millennial and Gen Z job-seekers in areas that do not yet legally recognize the validity of LGBTQ relationships.

Take a stand and make an impact with .gay domain

Employee Resource Groups

Your LGBTQ employees are your first customers when it comes to your corporate allyship, and it’s important to show they have the company’s support. Use a .gay domain to give your LGBTQ colleagues a digital place to connect with each other and build their voice and presence within the company. 

employee resource groups

.GAY Domain Brand Protection

Brands that aren’t yet participating in the social and political movement for LGBTQ equality may consider getting a .gay domain at this time to control their media narrative.

It is very easy to imagine, given .gay’s prideful branding and dedication to LGBTQ communities, that protest sites could be used for political commentary or to organize boycotts of companies that do not value LGBTQ equality.

Authentic Allyship

Using a .gay domain makes your company’s LGBTQ-inclusive marketing more meaningful because of the .gay registry’s commitment to centering LGBTQ communities:

  • 20% of all new registration revenue is donated by the .gay registry to LGBTQ nonprofits GLAAD and CenterLink.
  • The registry’s policies prohibit the use of .gay for homophobic, anti-LGBTQ use, ensuring that they remain a safer, supportive digital space for LGBTQ people. 
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.gay domain has crucial support from the LGBTQ community. In the registry’s audience perception survey:

61% of .gay LGBTQ community members

of LGBTQ community members state they would likely use a .gay site because of the value they see for their communities.

59% of .gay LGBTQ community members

of LGBTQ community members state they see .gay as creating an even better online experience.

57% of .gay LGBTQ community members

of LGBTQ community members and supporters state that they see .gay changing freedom of self-expression for the better.

Final Takeaway

With concern for civil rights and equality rightfully growing among consumers everywhere — particularly among younger generations who cultivate progressive values — your company can have a positive voice in the conversation on LGBTQ equality with a .gay domain name. 101domain is proud to offer this historic top-level domain and you can learn about how to register here