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We don’t have to preach how critical security is to your brand website, we all know. There are multiple vulnerabilities a company could experience with their web properties. Hackers can target your customers through email phishing campaigns or intercept private information passed along through your website. For Google domains SSL is required to ensure the connection between your customer’s browser and your website is encrypted.

Google Domains SSL Certificates Are A Must

Google is doing their part to steer the Internet to HTTPS. Websites that do not have a HTTPS connection are considered to be unsafe. Google chrome displays a ‘Not Secure’ message in the URL bar for all HTTP websites. This is the reason why for all Google domains SSL is required.

SSL Certificates protect sensitive information such as:

  • Transaction and bank information
  • Credit card information
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Contact information
  • Search bar history
google domains ssl certificate prevents non secure warning in browser

SSL Certificate Google Domains

Domain registry companies create top-level domains for Internet users to use in a specific way. To ensure these domains uphold their mission and intended purpose, domain registries will develop registration requirements. For example, to register a .bot domain Amazon requires your bot to be built with one of the approved preferred bot builders. .bank domains must pass a verification process with strict security criteria for .bank websites.

Google is on a mission to secure the Internet and also investing in some of the top new tech TLDs. We notice a trend that all new Google TLDs require HTTPS to function correctly in web browsers. For all Google domains SSL certificates are necessary to achieve a secure HTTPS connection. The new Google domains are unrestricted in the sense that anyone can register one. However, your website will not propagate unless you meet the SSL for Google domain requirements.

The next highly anticipated Google domain extension is here! .dev domain is available to trademark holders in Sunrise phase until February 19, 2019. Can’t wait to get your hands on .dev domain but don’t have a trademark? You can get on the list today with a general availability pre-order.

 .dev domain will be available for general availability on February 28, 2019.

Similar to others google domains SSL certificates are required for your .dev websites. Google trusts all of the SSL certificates we carry and any are acceptable for a dev SSL certificate.

how to pre-order a domain name

APP Engine SSL Certificate

What came first, App Engine or .app domain? Well, Google App Engine came long before .app domain. Either way, Google owns them both today. Google launched App Engine as a tool to help developers create mobile apps. When new gTLDs began, Google bid fiercely for the rights to own and operate .app domain. The goal for .app domain is to help these mobile apps get found online. It’s no surprise that like all Google domains SSL must exist for .app websites to see the light of day.

As more new TLDs launch in the future, we anticipate many will require users to add SSL to google domain names and others. The more educated consumers (and hackers) become, the more we believe to see security as a player in the domain industry. Soon other registries will follow suit and require SSL certificates. It’s never too early to start investing in your website security. Avoid the “not secure” broswer warning and move your web properties to HTTPS today.