Choosing a bank is kind of like choosing a significant other- there needs to be trust, reliability, and security in knowing they aren’t going to pull something over you. Banks establish this relationship by creating a brand of integrity with honest communication with their clients, safety and preventative features, no hidden charges, etc.

But how do you communicate trust online?

Mobile and online banking are the future of the banking industry. With phishers and scammers running rampant customers need to know the place they are storing their most important information and life’s savings is a place that is trusted and verified.

.BANK domain is a New Domain Name designed to empower online banking. Although it is a new TLD is has a strong reputation with thousands of banks around the world, including some of the most prestigious brands in banking, already registering and using the domain. What makes .BANK domain different than a .COM or another various domain extension is authentication required to register a .BANK domain. In doing so, customers and brands alike can rest easy knowing the online banking experience with .BANK domain is one they can expect, know, and love!