The domain is launching

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of at 101domain. The domain is a highly versatile domain and a welcome addition to the 101domain domain portfolio. We all know .com is the most popular and globally recognized top-level domain in existence. To put things into perspective, the .com domain accounts for around 40% of all domain names registered. The downside with .com is that many of the good domain names are already taken or being sold in the aftermarket for a premium price. is a second-level domain with all the global recognition of a .com with greater availability and can be used in many creative ways.

Why should you consider a third-level domain name?

There is a hierarchy when it comes to the structure of the domain name system (DNS).

One of the original Internet pioneers wrote that the DNS should work as follows, “The domain system is a tree-structured global name space that has a few top-level domains. The top-level domains are subdivided into second-level domains. The second-level domains may be subdivided into third-level domains, and so on.”

Domain name breakdown

The domain is expanding the namespace on the Internet exactly as the founders intended. Second-level domains like are compatible with all email servers and applications, so nothing is holding you back from branching out. domains can represent many things

The acronym “IT” stands for Information Technology, the country Italy, and is a commonly used word in phrases.

The IT sector

The IT industry is booming, and there is a growing demand for IT professionals and digital technologies to help companies stay ahead of the curve. The focus on technological innovations will continue to rise in the coming years, which makes domains like .aiartificial intelligence, .ioinput/output, and now an essential investment in the future.


If you can’t get your preferred domain name under the .it domain, this is the perfect opportunity to get the name you want—not what’s left. The domain will establish your brand internationally and still remain accessible to customers that are unfamiliar with country code domains. Additionally, if you already own your brand term in .it, you’ll want to secure the matching name in, so clients don’t confuse your business with someone else’s when searching for your business in Italy.

The word “it”

Memorable domain names leave an impression. Create a fun marketing moment for your brand with a domain name containing phrases like, words like, or actions like The opportunities are endless! domains can represent many things

Get in early on the launch

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