Reinvention is the practice of learning, growing and evolving. We do this many times throughout our existence, if we didn’t we would be standing still. If there is a domain that knows a thing or two about evolving, it’s the .AI domain. The AI domain isn’t a new domain ending, it’s been established as the AI domain country code domain for the Caribbean island of Anguilla for some time now. However, it wasn’t until startups decided to adopt the .AI TLD for a new meaning, AI Artificial Intelligence, that it has become one of the most sought-after domain endings.

AI Artificial Intelligence

Flag of Anguilla


Given that the AI domain was originally intended to represent Anguilla, brands often wonder if there is a risk associated with using it for the domain of AI Artificial Intelligence. The answer is no, and here are some examples to illustrate why it’s just the opposite.

AI Artificial Intelligence Domain

AI domain is the natural choice for AI Artificial Intelligence business

  1. It’s an investment The price of the .AI TLD is steeper than what you would pay for a .COM domain but that’s not considering the fact that most of the good and short .COM names are already taken and expensive if they are for sale. Unlike .COM domain names, the AI domain of Artificial Intelligence is still relatively “new” and still gaining traction. In a less saturated tech namespace, there is a greater opportunity in name selection. People are going as far as saying AI domain names are the new .com in the startup world so for the price of registering a AI domain now, in a few years it could be worth a lot more.
  2. SEO ranking Today when internet users are searching for “AI” in their web browsers they aren’t looking for the small Caribbean Island but for information, products and services related to Artificial Intelligence. Google has said that there is no difference in ranking between new domains, country domains, and classic domains, but according to this case study, having keywords like AI at the domain level offers an advantage.
  3. There are no premium domain names While some other domains charge higher prices for domain names they consider to be Premium based on factors such as length, keywords used, etc. all AI domain names are priced the same. You just know a good name when you hear it, and with the .AI TLD, a super awesome Premium-type domain name won’t cost you more than any other AI domain name you could think of.
  4. You don’t need a local presence Some country code domains require you to have a physical presence in the country to register a domain name. This is not the case when registering .AI domain. .AI domain is unrestricted and open to anyone, in most cases as the domains of Artificial Intelligence.

It’s the future 

“A.I.” is the buzzword of 2017, the highlight of every keynote presentation and on every company’s agenda. You can’t look anywhere without seeing AI Artificial Intelligence in the media, publications you read, and products on the market. Artificial Intelligence touches us in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not, from the way your Apple iPhones tells you how long it’s going to take you to get to work when you get in your car in the morning to the various chatbots we conversate with daily.

You don’t have to be a technology pioneer to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your brand.

Business executives are starting to see automation and Artificial Intelligence for the value they add, rather than the fear of what they take away (such as jobs). If we use A.I. for the problems it takes little mental power to solve, we can leverage our manpower for a greater purpose. We can focus more resources on creating a greater customer experience, humanizing our brands and doing what only we humans know how to do best- problem-solving and creative thinking.

Last year was a monumental year for Artificial Intelligence, and when for the first time an Artificial Intelligence deal topped over a billion. A.I. drives over $14 trillion economic impact, and will power 85% of customer service interactions by 2020. The barriers to entry are low and investment in AI is rising, which makes now the perfect time to set a goal for funding, register that AI domain name, and take the leap!