Recovering expired domain names is a complicated and grueling experience we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. It’s expensive and time-consuming to recover domain names in redemption, which is why we do everything we can to educate our customers and offer tools to help prevent domain names from expiring.

It’s understandable that people are often frustrated when they are faced with the decision of paying an expensive restoration fee to recover their domain or letting it go. For most domain owners the latter is not an option. Domain names are assets and a slip up like this could mean big trouble for you if your domains end up in the wrong hands.

Restoration fees are standard across the domain industry. As unfortunate as it is whenever you have to pay a fee, the restoration fee is not a hidden fee and the consequences of letting your domain name experience are transparent. Some other domain registrars charge less for redemption and others charge more.

With access to the largest selection of TLDs in the industry, 101domain has the global connections to recover your domain name with domain registries in remote territories and with limited technology. If you forgot to renew your domain elsewhere, we can still help you restore the domain name and transfer the domain to 101domain.


How to recover domain names in redemption at 101domain

For most generic top-level domains (gTLDs) at 101domain

Grace period: 40 days – a domain name can be renewed without incurring an additional fee

Redemption Period: 30 days – a $150 fee is charged to recover the domain name (this does not include the renewal of the domain name)

Maximum time to recover an expired domain: 70 days – we begin sending a series of emails that warn users they have domains expiring within 120 days.

You will need to pay a redemption fee if your domain names are not recovered before 00:00:01 UTC on the date of expiration. This is often confusing for people who think they can renew their domain name on the day it expires, but it depends on where you live. Some users may need to renew their domain name the day before the expiration date to avoid any fees.

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If you’re looking for a thrill, we highly recommend skydiving. It’s much more exciting than waiting until the very last second to recover your domain names in redemption.


How to prevent the redemption fee


How many flights have you missed because you didn’t calculate for traffic correctly (or didn’t hear your name being called from the airport bar)? How many times have you left your credit card at a restaurant? How about locking yourself out of your apartment, or your keys inside the car? Point is we are human, and we make mistakes. We have a lot going on and when we try to do everything at once, things tend to slip through the cracks.

We err on the side of caution at 101domain so by default all new domain purchases have auto-renew enabled. You can change your auto-renew settings at any time. In order to be completely thorough, we recommend navigating to your account settings and enabling auto-renew on all domains in your account.


how to enable auto-renew in your 101domain account


Domain Name Portfolio Management

Maintenance is necessary to ensure that your domains continue to support your brand. A domain name portfolio management strategy ensures your online assets are up to date and secure. It’s good practice to conduct quarterly portfolio reviews and assign a person or team to be in charge of renewals, registrations, and new domain launches.


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