Every country has a domain extension. A unique code specific to that individual culture, heritage, history, people, values, economy, and every other beautiful element that encompasses the country’s identity.

With universal generic domains like .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO and .BIZ that are recognized globally, why would a brand need a country code domain? Just like you wouldn’t build a business in a foreign country without first understanding the culture and the values of the audience there, you shouldn’t begin to expand your brand online without a Country Code domain for that region.

It may be hard for many of us to imagine this here in the United States because we are used to seeing primarily .COM web address in our browsers, so much so that it is basically our defacto ccTLD, when in reality we do actually have a ccTLD (it’s .US if you were wondering) but for other countries, it is completely different. Country Code domains are heavily used across the globe and in the nations they belong to.

A local consumer searching the web in Malaysia expects to see websites with .MY domain names. Country Code domains offer advantages in local SEO such as ranking higher in search results. If your brand is new to the Malaysian market, using .MY domain for your web address will immediately establish trust with your customers. Every ccTLD extension has different requirements. A .MY domain for example, requires proof of Malaysia business registration which reassures businesses, locals and visitors of Malaysia that your brand is verified, equip and ready to do business in Malaysia.

Now you might be saying this all sounds great – but I don’t live in Malaysia.

Your dream isn’t dead you just need the right connection – Our Trustee Services. 101domain Trustee Services help you fulfill requirements you need in order to register ccTLDs and conduct business internationally. Don’t have a physical address in Germany for .DE domains? No problem. Need a contact address and phone number in Japan for .JP domains? We will provide a local contact for you.

For companies

This service is great for companies for obvious reasons – global expansion, but they are also commonly used as defensive registrations. Imagine a website in China with the web address YourBrandName.CN selling a knock-off version of your product. Counterfeiting can lead to disastrous results devaluing your brand and tarnishing your image and customer confidence. Trademark regulations differ across the globe, so don’t assume because your trademark is registered in the United States someone can’t get away with using it in another country.

For individuals

Country Code domains offer the opportunity to register a creative domain name.  When you register a domain name you should aim for two things: short and memorable which can both be attained with a ccTLD hack like Redd.IT, Goo.GL and find others examples here. Or jump on domain trends like .IO for Input/Output, .AI for Artificial Intelligence, and .GG for Good Game, .SO for Social, .MU for Music, the possibilities are endless!

101domain Trustee Services allow you the flexibility and freedom to register domains in any country of the world – even if you don’t live there!