Turkey’s .TR Domain Has Finally Arrived

In a momentous announcement, the .TR registry has unveiled the long-awaited .TR top level domain (TLD) in Turkey. Up until now, the Turkish domain landscape consisted of second-level domain registrations. However, .TR now joins the ranks of other country code domains (ccTLDs), such as Australia’s .AU and Argentina’s .AR, which have recently expanded their offerings to include top-level domains. This exciting development opens up incredible opportunities for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to establish a strong online presence in the Turkish market.

.TR Domain: A Golden Opportunity to Claim Your Digital Identity in Turkey

Securing your brand, business, or personal identity under the .TR domain is not just a strategic move; it’s a golden opportunity to strengthen your visibility and credibility in Turkey. With its localized and easily recognizable extension, .TR is set to become the go-to choice for those seeking to connect with Turkish audiences online. To ensure you don’t miss out on this exciting domain launch, it’s crucial to understand the different launch phases and priority registration categories.

Stay Ahead with Priority Registration

We are here to provide you with information regarding the launch dates and priority registration periods so that you are well-prepared to secure your preferred .TR domain name. Because .TR is a country code domain, it does not follow ICANN’s new domain launch format, which includes priority registration for trademark holders. If you are a brand looking to secure your trademark in the global arena, reach out to us, and we will help you.

Priority Category 1 – Public Institutions

  • Started on September 14, 2023, and expected to close in November 2023
  • Open to domain owners of .GOV.TR, .EDU.TR, TSK.TR, BEL.TR, POL.TR, and K12.TR
  • Ideal for securing exact match domain names in .TR.

Priority Category 2 – Public Professional Organizations

  • Starting on November 14, 2023, and expected to close in February 2024
  • Available for owners of .ORG.TR domain names allocated before August 25, 2023, who meet specific criteria:
  • Professional organizations that are public institutions
  • Public benefit associations and foundations with tax exemption status
  • Employee or employer professional organizations
  • Perfect for securing exact match domain names in .TR.

The Application Process for Priority Category 2

Applying for a .TR domain in Priority Category 2 is straightforward but requires documentation. After submitting your application within the 1-month application period, you can provide supporting documents that will be reviewed during the 2-month evaluation period. At the end of this 3-month period, approved applications will be allocated their domain names.

If your current .ORG.TR domain does not meet the criteria for this category, don’t worry. You will have the chance to apply when the Priority Category 3 application period begins.

Priority Category 3 – All Other .TR Domain Holders

  • Expected to start in February 2023 and close in June 2024
  • Open to individuals and organizations with domain names in all other second-level .TR domains.

General Availability

  • Expected to start in June 2024
  • Open to anyone who meets the criteria on a first-come-first-served basis.

Don’t miss your chance to secure your digital identity in Turkey with the .TR domain – it’s your gateway to the vibrant Turkish online market.

We are committed to keeping you updated on all developments related to this domain launch, including official launch dates and pricing information. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your dedicated account executive or contact our team.