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If you are a customer of 101domain, you may be familiar with our massive portfolio of domain extensions. We’re known in the industry for offering the largest selection of top-level domains (TLDs) found anywhere, and more than any other provider. If you’re new here, welcome! Although our main office is located in San Diego, California, 101domain is an Irish-based company with a dedicated team and office in Ireland.

As the leader in international domain name registration, we are incredibly proud to be IE Domain Registry’s top 10 .ie domain registrars. With over 265,000 domain names in the space, Ireland’s .ie TLD is the first choice of a domain name for Irish companies everywhere, as well as those expanding their business in the North Atlantic region.

What is .ie domain?

The .ie domain is the official country code top-level domain for Ireland. Country code domains are always two characters long and provide a short, locally optimized, and memorable web address for Irish individuals and businesses. Internet users in Ireland prefer .ie websites over .com, so whether you are establishing an online presence that represents your homeland or expanding into the Irish market, .ie is the best choice.

Are there special requirements for .ie domain?

The .ie domain is an exclusive and verified domain. This means that you need to provide proof of association with Ireland to register an Irish domain name. Over the years, IE Domain Registry (IEDR) has relaxed the requirements of registration to be more inclusive, thus allowing the opportunity for more businesses to establish a local online presence in Ireland. If you are an Irish company, you must provide a business registration document. Foreign companies can also register .ie domain if they can verify that they currently conduct business in Ireland or have a trademark or business registration. Irish individuals need only provide their license, passport, or proof of address, such as a utility bill.

What are the benefits of Ireland’s .ie?


European Union Connection

English is the official language of Ireland, and Ireland is the only English-speaking nation left in the European Union. Securing Ireland’s .ie opens your business up to other EU regions.


Local Search Results

When a site uses a .ie domain name, Google assumes the content on that site is specifically relevant to Ireland, thus outperforming other domains in search results.

Why choose 101domain to manage your .ie domains?


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