.XYZ is not only a polite way to let someone know their zipper is down, but also a new gTLD that is making fast moves to get to the top of the line. As of last week the gTLD has made moves to the top surpassing the infamous .club(65,630) and .guru (60,480) whom have been in the number one and two spot for the last few months. What is most shocking is that the gTLD from Wednesday to now grew by 85% reaching 67,504 domain registrations. The unexplainable growth has some questioning whether or not the growth of the domain is legitimate as some registrars have been inflating their numbers. For example Network Solutions has inflated the .XYZ numbers by registering matching existing .coms on behalf of its customers for free and without permission. 82% of the registrations came from NetSol, which spent a few hundred thousand dollars for domain names that customers had not yet requested. Whether or not .XYZ’s new popularity over the big gTLD names is for real or bogus the name is not completely irrelevant. I believe that the name has a lot of uses especially in clothing brands, education, and just about anything. Registering a name like .XYZ can be beneficial to any company who is trying to show they have a full service company or just have a ring to their domain name. For further information check out this article.