On a typical day, we are exposed to hundreds of thousands of brands and only recall a small fraction of them. The question that haunts marketers everywhere is what does it take to make sure your brand is one of the few that resonates with your customers?

Here are 3 instances when the answer is your domain name!

1. Advertising

A strong, slightly twisted but brilliant example is this domain name featured on a billboard.

Image Source: WPLG

The domain name with the call to action “kill this dog” alongside the sweet innocent face of a golden retriever puppy gives just enough to intrigue people to visit the website. The domain owner being a no-kill animal shelter.

Another example are company cars being used as moving billboards. The difference between a good advertisement and a memorable advertisement is all in the domain. wedocreepy.com is not your typical website address for a pest control company which makes their brand stand out.

Photo Credit: Joe Alagna

2. Google Search

Maybe not everywhere and maybe not just yet, but soon Google may begin featuring domain names first in search results. Google is always beta testing different methods of displaying search results and as Konstantinos was quick to notice Google.gr (Greece) mobile version displaying the URL first, above the title tag and description.


If this is something we begin to see more of, Google is telling businesses to place importance on the domain. This is huge for the domain industry and an exciting opportunity for brands to explore a creative outlet with all of the new domains on the market. Not only will it be important to have an authoritative and memorable website address, but it will also need to be secured with an SSL Certificate.

3. Business Cards 

There’s nothing in this world we appreciate more than a good domain hack. People are always inventing new formats, materials and shapes to help their business card stand out in the stack they receive at a networking event, or against other competitors. A cheeky domain name can be just as powerful.

Image Credit: sdidonato on dribble

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