In addition to changes you can make at the domain level, there are content updates you can make to improve your domain ranking and SEO tactics from a content perspective.

Build a link strategy for domain ranking

People often think of link strategies as buying links. Just like buying followers on social media, it seems like a good idea until you actually do it and have a bunch of ghost followers who don’t like, comment or interact with any of your posts. The type of link strategy we are talking about is linking to internal pages like past blog posts or pages on your website. Linking to at least 1 internal link in every blog post is important for domain ranking. It’s like when you’re watching something on YouTube and the next thing you know it’s 3 days later and you haven’t eaten, showered or even gotten up to use the restroom because you keep going from video to video. If a visitor finds a topic interesting you will want to link to associated blog posts to keep them interacting with your website and blog until they have enough information to exit the information search phase and enter into the purchase decision phase.

Guest blogging

Another great way to create SEO juice for domain ranking is to guest write on other companies’ blogs and vice versus. Partner with influencers in your industry to discuss the latest trends and developments or work with another company in your industry to create a non-competing and mutually beneficial relationship. An example of this would be GoPro and RedBull. Both companies brand themselves as a lifestyle brand for extreme sports and activities, the partnership helps both parties without taking away from either one.

Influencers are the best brand advocates because they are a respected resource in the space. If an influencer truly believes in your product or service and conveys that trust in your brand with their followers there is a good chance you will automatically earn the trust of their followers. Morgan Linton is a well-known figure in the domain industry. He has been a loyal customer and fan of 101domain for many years and has written some thought-provoking articles about country code domains like .ai domain and .gg domain being used as industry hacks, and how is his number one choice for managing and registering domain names.

Repurpose old content

Content formulation is arguably one of the more challenging aspects of content marketing. You don’t always need to produce new content, especially when you have really high-quality content already written. Repurposing your old content helps to keep your content fresh and a relevant and current authority on a subject for domain ranking. Your writing style is always evolving and new developments are always arising in the industry, take a note from the experts at Content Marketing Institute and add an editor’s note at the beginning to tell your readers that the content has been updated to reflect current information and trends.

Content Marketing Institute domain ranking

Improving your domain ranking doesn’t always mean starting over from scratch. You most likely already have the fundamentals for a solid SEO strategy and with some minor content updates, you can repurpose your content and your strategic partnerships so that they are always working to improve your domain ranking.