Remember your first email address?


Most of us learned our lesson from a young age, email is an important part of marketing and you want yours to reflect the essence of your brand. I think we can all relate to our twelve-year-old self that created a [email protected] email address – nailed it!

Now we are a few years older and wiser. We are “adulting” and we’ve got this whole email thing figured out. We have multiple email accounts hooked up to our phone and now we are even ready to create an email address for our business. In lieu of not repeating past mistakes, this time around we want to make sure it’s a name we won’t cringe at when repeating out loud.

How it will benefit your brand:

Establish Trust

In today’s world of hackers and phishers gone wild, the smallest of doubts can turn customers off of your brand. Free email accounts like Google and Yahoo won’t do your brand justice in the way that having an email address that matches your company’s name will. If your domain and your email address don’t match up, it might already be a red-flag for customers who have grown to expect unity across brand platforms. Having a domain-based email address is a key to building trust with your customers, especially for E-commerce sites whose business depends on it.


In addition to appearing more secure, domain-based email accounts provided from your domain registrar or hosting service are less prone to hackers while passwords used in free email services of big players like Microsoft are often targeted and stolen.


Having a domain-branded email address creates trust in your clients and adds a sense of establishment to potential customers. If you were to use a free email service, customers might think you are new to the industry. Sometimes an email address found on a brand’s website will be their first interaction with the company and you want to make a good impression. ¬†Setting up domain-based emails for each department (for example Sales, Marketing, and Support) can help with internal organization, communication and makes your brand appear large and reputable.


Every time you send out an email you are promoting your business with a company-branded email address. The same idea goes for business cards and any marketing material – it is a cost effective way to promote your business.

If you’re going to invest one thing into your brand, it should be a domain-based email address. Simple to implement, affordable and the benefits are clear. We’ll help you get started!