In a stereotypically male-dominated industry (which we can attest to via the male vs female ratio at 101domain) it’s great to see women who have worked their way into top positions and who have the power to influence the future of the domain industry. In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to take a moment to celebrate some of these amazing ladies!

Lisa Box

Vice President of Strategic Alliances, WP Engine

Lisa is a sales expert with over 10 years of experience in the domain industry that began in sales and marketing for Internet REIT. Since then she has worked with large players in the industry managing portfolios from 500K to over 1M domains. Lisa gave an eye-opening presentation at NamesCon about how Gen Z is shaping the future of how we engage with content online and tips for better connecting with and marketing to a generation unlike any before them. Praised by others for her talent, knowledge, and professionalism when it comes to sales and marketing, Lisa is a strong female role model for any young woman.

Samantha Frida

Senior Business Development Director,

Samantha’s background and law degree spurred her career in protecting and defending intellectual property online and advising digital brand protection strategy. She has held important roles with key industry players including Verisign, Instra, NeuStar and many more. In her current role with, Samantha actively educates brands on how to use data to make more intelligent decisions as an authority in both IP and domain names. Samantha is an influencer and authority in the domain namespace, tech, and IT industry. Her ability to inspire growth in her many roles and positions and leave her mark on the way is what makes her a trailblazer.

Andee Hill

Registrar Services & Engagement Programs Director, ICANN

Andee is a veteran of the domain industry, holding leadership positions with a domain name aftermarket escrow and even founding her own escrow platform before joining the team at Identity Digital – the largest operator of new domain registries. Andee is highly respected in the domain community, known for creating strategic partnerships and working closely with domain investors to peak interest and prove the validity of the new gTLDs. Andee is a clear inspiration for young professional women looking for the confidence to trust their ability and branch off and follow their own path. We believe her relationship networking and expertise will influence exciting change in the industry and we are looking forward to seeing what she will do in her new role with ICANN.

With a group of 9 amazing women a part of the team at 101domain, it’s great to see the gender gap growing smaller every year. We are proud to continue moving in the right direction and celebrating the talented women in our industry and in our ranks!