When we make a purchase online we expect our transaction and bank information to be safe. When we input passwords and contact information we expect it not to be shared with others. We all share and manage sensitive information online, some of us may be more precautions than others, but at the end of the day, we all just hope the brands we choose to give our business to are doing what they need to, to keep us safe with website security.

Not too long ago Google presented the .APP domain and the .DEV domain and now it has a new update. If your website security is not up to par your business could be in the position to take a huge loss.

As online consumers, we generally trust websites, unless there are obvious signs or past experiences to prove otherwise. Google is on a mission to make website security transparent for all internet users, starting with the Chrome browser. Google’s version of Chrome 62 will be the equivalent of displaying a huge neon sign saying “Not secure” on any HTTP website that has password or credit card fields.

Here’s how the new version will look.

website security HTTP

Image Source: cloudflare.com

You may recognize HTTP as what you absentmindedly type before the website address in your browser, but shockingly enough it actually serves a purpose. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the foundation of data sent between your browser and the website you are on. Any information entered on HTTP websites are not encrypted or secure, meaning your browsing data is open to others on the network. For this reason, Google’s Chrome 62 will clearly label HTTP websites as non-secure. This is the first of many steps Google is taking to hold brands accountable for website security.

website security Google update

Make the move to HTTPS 

Don’t wait for future releases to move to HTTPS. Your HTTP website isn’t going to fly with customers once the curtains come down. Adding an SSL certificate to your site is easy! We’ll help you get started with powerful HTTPS and website security solutions both flexible and affordable to fit your budget. Make securing your website, brand reputation and customers your priority today.