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Add Secure Web Accelerator powered by Cloudflare to your domain names.

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Secure Web Accelerator

What it’s good for:
Domain names used for forwarding, email, or non-public facing stuff.

Secure Web Accelerator Plus

What it’s good for:
Domain names used for non-critical or non-primary websites.

Secure Web Accelerator Pro

What it’s good for:
Domain names used for primary websites, banking, e-commerce, and enterprise web infrastructures.

Get DDoS protection before it’s too late.

  • Automatically detect and mitigate DDoS attacks
  • Ensure the performance of your legitimate traffic is not compromised
  • Customize your protection settings further with Secure Web Accelerator Plus or Professional

Are you overwhelmed with the limited knowledge and resources you have to deploy the DDoS protection your business requires? 

Think of 101domain as an extension of your team.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients onboard their mission-critical domain names to Cloudflare.

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