Today 101domain, Inc. launched a dynamic suite of domain name security services aimed at raising the bar in terms of domain security features offered by leading Domain Registrars.

For account-level domain security, 101domain has partnered with VeriSign, Inc. to offer the 101domain VIP Security Card. The VIP security card is a credit card sized credential which provides a unique second-level password required in addition to a user’s regular password to gain access to the account.

The cornerstone of the 101domain Security Suite is a security service called Portfolio Secure. Portfolio Secure freezes all critical areas of the customer’s account and domain names within the account. The freeze is placed on changes to account and WHOIS information, DNS records, security settings, transfer codes and more. In order to modify these critical areas, the user must correctly answer security questions they have previously setup. Only offline verification can reset this service.

For a limited time, the entire 101domain Security Suite, including the 101domain VIP Security Card, is available in the first year for a special price of $99.

For these and other security products, including Domain Lock, IP Access Logger, and IP Account Lock, visit or contact an account manager today at +1 760.444.8674   to get started.