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The Art of Domain Hacking

There’s a domain hack out there for you, even if you have to hack it until you make it. 

Domain hacks as we like to call them, are domains used for a purpose other than what they were originally intended. All country code domains are two characters and the only domains allowed to be so, which is why most of the ones we know and love today are three characters or more long.

The Internet is all about being precise and efficient, it’s why we attempt to categorize the web with different domain endings, and why we choose the shortest domain and domain name combinations that we can. The less taps of a keyboard it takes, the easier it is for your visitors to get to you.

There are the domain hacks we are all familiar with by now, for example .ai for artificial intelligence and .io for input/output, but here are some other of the best domain hacks you may not be familiar with just yet.

.ac for academy

ac domain names are a popular choice for clubs, organizations and academies. The term academy is versatile and can be applied in many ways for example a local dance academy, a soccer club academy, a university or prep-school. ac domain for academy gives context to Internet searches and website visitors and associates your brand with a place of learning.

.dj for dj music

People stream, download, and share their favorite music online. dj domain is the natural choice for djs and music artists to grow their online presence.


.fm for fm radio

Most people spend a good amount of their time everyday in the car. This time accounted for is spent listening to the radio, podcasts, talking on the phone and more. With smart devises and apps, radio is more mobile than ever. fm domain is a namespace for radio stations, talk shows, music streaming and sharing online.


.gg for good game

The gaming industry has enthusiastically adopted gg domain for the rise of digital gaming. Gaming is a lucrative industry with a never ending supply of developers studying the art of creating new games, gamers ready to drop money on the latest updates and streamers bringing coverage eSport tournaments.



.tv for television 

The dinner table used to bring families together, and today the television is the center of many households. tv domain is perfect for streaming services, tv programs and stations and vlogger platforms.


.vc for venture capital 

Every idea needs it’s big break. The real heroes are the people who use their means to help others bring their ideas to life and revolutionize the world. vc domain is the home for venture capitalists, investors, and funding platforms.

The benefit of domain hacking is shorter, more relevant and unique names that give you more options when it comes to selecting the perfect name.