We’ve been in the industry a long time. We’ve seen some things, some things we can’t unsee. Luckily enough these experiences just make us better at what we do so we can, in turn, educate our customers on how to protect their online presence better with private registration.

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While browsing Quora, as I quite frequently do, I saw something quite terrifying.

Quora question on buying domain names

Why would someone want such a list, you ask? Well obviously because they are up to no good. All of those unwanted solicitation calls and emails you receive are derived from lists like these. And as this good samaritan kindly provided in great detail in his answer, there are many resources and tools available to extract such lists.

Information that can be accessed without Private Registration

As our friend states, “Also, obviously there is no way to find any information beyond what is being publicly released by the domain owners themselves.”

A question we beg to differ is, are domain owners actually aware of the fact that their information is publicly released when they register for a domain? If you knew that anyone with a computer had access to your Name, Company, Address, City, Zip, Country, Email, Phone, would you authorize a release of that information? For many of us, the answer would be no.

The domain governing body, ICANN requires all domain names to have data records published to the public WHOIS database. The data is to be used for the purpose of obtaining information about domain name registration records and not for solicitation or commercial advertising, and yet a majority of the time that is exactly how it is used. It’s our mission to do everything we can to protect your sensitive information, which is why we urge all of our customers to add Private Registration to every domain name they purchase.

Add Private Registration in your cart at checkout

Your private information doesn’t need to be published to the WHOIS database in order for you to register a domain name. Adding Private Registration to your domain names ensures that your private contact information will not end up on lists of scammers and spammers by shielding your information and replacing it with that of 101domain. We filter out the spam and make sure only legitimate parties can contact you. If you didn’t add Private Registration at checkout, you have an option to enable it at any time in your account.

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