Green is more than just a color, it’s a movement. The Green Movement represents a wide variety of sustainability initiatives. What began as a conservation movement to preserve nature and its natural resources turned into a revolution of individuals, organizations, and communities committing to a sustainable future with innovative solutions and environmentally conscious choices. In 2018, we predict the Green Movement will explore another facet of nature and society with the legalization of cannabis and the .GREEN domain.

We believe the ever-growing cannabis industry will find a home online with the .GREEN domain in 2018. The .GREEN domain embodies everything marijuana legalization represents – cultural awareness and remedy through nature.

.green domain for the cannabis industry

Changing stereotypes

Avid cannabis industry supporters advocate for marijuana to be legalized, a core of their argument being that it is a natural substance and offers medical benefits. The word green is synonymously used for marijuana. When you search the term “green” at you’ll find the definition referring to marijuana usage. Green is also used widely across pop-culture and in music with phrases like “smoking green”.

green definition Urban Dictionary

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The legalization of marijuana in the United States is changing perceptions across the globe. As a society, we no longer see marijuana for this.

marijuana sterotype

or at least only this

The cannabis industry is a part of the Global Green Movement and supports the future of the Green Economy. The legalization of marijuana has a positive effect on the economy with the inclusion of cannabis in medical practice and the everyday consumer’s life in consumer goods and recreational use.

30 states have approved medical marijuana legislation and 9 legalizing recreational marijuana, which leaves more than half people in the U.S. living in areas that support access to marijuana.

U.S. marijuana legalization status

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We believe .GREEN domain is the perfect home for the budding cannabis economy and a natural namespace for marijuana-related business to promote the sustainability of the cannabis industry.