UPDATED FEB 13, 2024

Introducing .music domain

Start the application process for your .MUSIC domain today!

Secure your name in the Standard Trademark Program (STP)

A registered trademark is required


Secure your name in the Music Community Member Organization (MCMO) Phase


We are excited to announce that the long-awaited .MUSIC top-level domain (TLD) is set to launch after more than a decade of anticipation! The .MUSIC domain is an online experience dedicated to the global music community. In addition to owning your name, verified .MUSIC domain owners will also enjoy exclusive access to a music services platform. This platform will serve as a hub for artists, brands, and fans to explore collaborative opportunities.

Who can register a .MUSIC domain name?

To register a .MUSIC domain name, you must have a nexus with the global music community.

Individual artists

Individuals can qualify with their legal name as either a musician, band, or music industry professional. Unregistered group or performance names require establishing an initial music record or music connections that can be documented or verified before registering the associated domain name.

Music organizations

Organizations can qualify with their established and understood music brand or company name through registered trademarks and other government-issued documentation. The registry may reserve some geographical, genre, and generic words.

.MUSIC Launch Schedule

Standard Trademark Program (STP)

Dates: January 1, 2024 through May 24, 2024

Eligibility: Registered trademark holders

Pricing: $299 (non-refundable) application fee, plus the $69.99 registration fee

Community Phase

Dates: January 1, 2024 through May 24, 2024

Eligibility: Musicians, bands, creators, and members of the music community

Pricing: $69.99 registration fee

General Availability

Dates: Estimated mid 2024

Eligibility: Any user with a music nexus

Pricing: $59.99 registration fee

How to register a .MUSIC domain name in the Standard Trademark Program


The Standard Trademark Program allows corporations, entities, and individuals holding registered trademarks to apply for .MUSIC domain names that directly align with their word mark or design mark. It’s worth highlighting that the trademark itself does not necessarily need to be affiliated with the music community or industry. However, if you do have a notable connection to the music community, it is advisable to apply through the Standard Trademark Program rather than the Community Phase, as this route may offer early consideration and domain allocation.

Unlike the Sunrise Phase for trademark holders, which is now closed, submitting an application in STP does not guarantee registration. 

To qualify for the program, corporations, entities, and individuals must hold the legal ownership of a trademark that was officially approved prior to May 1, 2023. Trademarks filed more recently or those in pending status will not be accepted.

    Registered trademark applications should include the required official government documentation fields for verification:

    • Trademark Jurisdiction
    • Registered Owner of the Trademark
    • Trademark Registration Number
    • Trademark Registration Date (approval date)
    • Approved Wordmark or Design mark where the word is the dominant element of the mark

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    How to register a .MUSIC domain name in the Community Phase

     The purpose of the Community Phase is to provide musicians, bands, creators, and members of the music community the first opportunity to obtain their .MUSIC domain name for which they have a historical and documentable nexus. In this phase, music community members will submit applications for domain names directly to the .MUSIC registry, which will verify and allocate domain names to appropriate applicants before General Availability.

    It’s important to note that submitting an application in this phase does not guarantee registration. Each application is carefully reviewed based on the nexus strength to the music community and/or trademark considerations. 

    In the event of multiple applications for the same domain name, the ultimate decision rests with the .MUSIC registry and takes into account a range of factors, including the strength of each application and the order of submission. If multiple applicants demonstrate significant relevance to the desired domain name, they will be invited to participate in a private auction to determine the ultimate winner.

    Next Steps

    • Sign up with 101domain for instructions on how to submit your free application.
    • Complete the simple application form, including identifying your MCMO membership affiliation.
    • The .MUSIC registry will send a follow-up email with instructions on completing your nexus verification. (expected mid-February 2024)
    • Once domain names are allocated (expected in Spring 2024), you will receive a registration token to register your domain name at 101domain.

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    How to register a .MUSIC domain in General Availability

    When General Availability begins on April 10, 2024, individuals with a nexus to the global music community can register .MUSIC domain names at 101domain. Pre-orders for General Availability are not currently available, but we hope to be able to accept orders early next year.

    A General Availability Pre-Order offers your best opportunity to secure your desired domain name right at the phase’s start. Here’s how it works: You pay for a General Availability registration, and once the phase begins, we’ll promptly submit your order. Rest assured, there’s no risk—if we are unable to secure your chosen name, you’ll receive a full 100% refund.

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    What are the benefits of registering a .MUSIC domain?

    By registering a .MUSIC domain name, you gain exclusive access to the industry’s first-ever verified, secure, and standardized music identification service. This platform, called the Music Hub, is where users will be able to access, consume, purchase, and use verified music services.

    Brands, artists, music professionals, and companies with a verified .MUSIC ID will be able to create distinct profiles showcasing images, content, offerings, and more. Fans will have a dashboard as well where they can log in to my.MUSIC and follow artists and businesses. Music Search, Music Channels, a marketplace, analytics, and more will be part of the Music Hub experience.

    .MUSIC Domain ID

    What is a .MUSIC ID?

    A .MUSIC ID establishes a verified identity standard, similar to a passport, tailored for the music community and industry. Verified IDs are experiencing rapid adoption across platforms and companies, including Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft, enhancing platform users’ trust and confidence.

    Your .MUSIC domain name and verified .MUSIC ID will grant you access to the Music Hub. The Music Hub will have a login for verified .MUSIC ID users, much like what you would do for Facebook or LinkedIn. Similar to Apple’s App Store ®, the Music Hub will be the future marketplace for the global music community. 

    Registry.MUSIC firmly believes that this verification mechanism will empower future music innovation, technological progress (including artificial intelligence), secure transactions, and collaborative community efforts among music creators, professionals, and companies. This process ensures that the entity associated with a .MUSIC domain name is indeed the genuine entity it claims to be.

    What verified music services will be available at launch?

    The Music Hub will launch in 2024, with two powerful music services:

    • Search.MUSIC – the world’s first music-exclusive search engine
    • Channels.MUSIC – a global music and targeted promotion automated listing service
    .MUSIC Domain ID

    The Music Hub will provide additional free services and features over time: 

    • .MUSIC ID/Music analytics
    • Advanced Music Search Engine Controls
    • Search Engine Branding
    • Promotion & Discovery
    • Industry Directory
    • Fan Membership Services
    • Private Messaging
    • Collaboration and Networking
    • Music Events Sponsorships
    • Secure Transactions

    The power of .MUSIC for corporate brands

    By registering a .MUSIC domain, you unlock exclusive access to the future Music Hub platform. Being a part of the Music Hub will not only enhance your brand recognition but also open doors to potential partnerships and opportunities within the music community. The platform aims to foster a supportive environment, amplifying the visibility of brands and artists alike. 

    One such example of how corporate brands can build relationships within the global music community by utilizing the Music Hub is music sponsorship events. Renowned brands like Apple, American Express, Pepsi, and Adidas are harnessing the power of music by strategically sponsoring music events, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, Coachella, and Tomorrowland.

    Music is a universal language that touches and connects with audiences on a deep, emotional level and can elevate customer goodwill towards sponsoring brands. The Music Hub, which will will be released at General Availability on April 10, 2024, will provide additional free services and features over time to assist corporate brands. We are excited to share more about this exciting opportunity as we learn more.

    Registering a .MUSIC domain is an essential move for corporate clients looking to secure their brand and trademark. The benefits extend beyond just owning a unique domain extension.  You also gain exclusive access to the future Music Hub. This platform promises to be a game-changer for the music industry, offering a dedicated space for artists, music professionals, and enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

    So, if you’re a corporate client looking to make a lasting impact in the music industry, now is the time to secure your .MUSIC domain. By doing so, you’ll not only safeguard your brand but also position yourself at the forefront of this exciting movement. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. Our staff is ready to help you quickly and effortlessly secure your domain name in Sunrise.