Save the date .PRO premium release

In a groundbreaking move, the domain registry for .PRO is set to release a significant number of highly sought-after, short-character domains. This event marks the first time ever that thousands of previously reserved premium domain names will become available to the public. Imagine owning domain names like,, or, all with just a few characters! This unique opportunity is not to be missed. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this release and explain how you can secure your desired domain before anyone else.

Available .pro domain names

What is the .PRO Premium Domain Release?

Domain registries frequently maintain lists of reserved domain names for various reasons. These domains typically consist of premium names, and if we are lucky, they will eventually make these domain names available to the public. That is exactly what is happening with the .PRO Premium Domain Release.

The release of these short-character domains in the .PRO extension is generating considerable buzz in the community. Companies, domain investors, and individuals alike are eager to secure these highly memorable and valuable domain names.

To learn more about the launch schedule, available domains, and pricing, you can visit our .PRO reserved domains page. The page provides a comprehensive list of all the .PRO domains being released, along with the pricing for each phase so you can plan your investments wisely and make informed decisions. You can also view and download a PDF version below to share with your partners and colleagues.

Early Access and General Availability

The .PRO Premium Domain Release will occur in two phases. The Early Access phase, starting on July 11th and lasting until July 18th, offers the best opportunity to secure the most desired domain names. This phase is pay to play. The price of registering domain names in this phase decreases  throughout the week. As the demand is expected to be high, pre-ordering is strongly encouraged during this period. Pre-orders are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring a fair chance for all interested parties.

Following the Early Access phase, General Availability will begin on July 18th. This phase provides another opportunity to obtain your desired domain names, although the availability may be more limited due to the high demand during the previous phase. Pre-ordering in General Availability is also advised to increase the chances of securing your preferred domain. Pre-orders in all phases are risk free. As soon as the phase begins, we will take prompt action to register your name. If we are unable to register the domain name for you, you get your money back.

.PRO Premium Domain Release Early Access Phase

Early Access Phase

July 11 – July 18, 2023

17:00 UTC

.PRO Premium Domain Release General Availability

General Availability

July 18, 2023

17:00 UTC

Act Now to Secure Your Once in a Lifetime Domain

The .PRO Premium Domain Release represents an exceptional opportunity to acquire highly memorable and valuable online real estate. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to own domain names that are both concise and highly marketable. Remember, the competition for these domains is expected to be fierce, so act fast to increase your chances of securing the perfect domain for your business, investment, project, or personal brand.

With thousands of short-character, premium domain names becoming available for the first time, this is a golden opportunity to secure your dream domain. By visiting the .PRO reserved domains page and placing pre-orders during the Early Access phase, you can maximize your chances of obtaining the domain name you desire. Act swiftly, as the window of opportunity is limited, and the demand is high.