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You may be wondering what comes next after you register your perfect .com domain name. Once you own the .com for your website is there any other worthwhile TLDs? We like to answer this question with an acronym we refer to at 101domain as CNOBI.

What is a CNOBI domain?

CNOBI domains .com .net .org .biz .info

CNOBI is an acronym for the five legacy TLDs that every business should own. Anyone who is serious about owning their space online should start with CNOBI at the very least.

We all know .com as the leading TLD. It makes up more than half off all domain registrations alone. .net is often thought of as the second-best option. Everyone is familiar with .net but it isn’t as desirable as a .com name. .org on the other hand is a little more professional because it was created for organizations.

.biz and .info are newer than the others but still considered worthwhile TLDs because they are common generic terms. All of the domains which make up CNOBI live up to the original purpose of TLDs to categorize content on the Internet.

Domains Trending Now


In addition to CNOBI we would also recommend investing in domains that are trending right now. The more online real estate you amass under your brand, the more opportunities you will have to capitalize on your brand term. You don’t want to be competing with energetic, cutting-edge entrepreneurs for your brand term. .app domain which launched mid-way through last year is still very popular in the market. .ai domain, the domain hack for artificial intelligence and .io domain for input-output are hot in the start-up world.

Are country domains worthwhile TLDs?


There are a few reasons country domains make worthwhile TLDs. The first reason is as a tool for when you expand your brand into international markets. You should register any country code domains (ccTLDs) in the territories you do business or hope to move into. The second reason ccTLDs are worthwhile TLDs is for brand protection purposes. Particular ccTLDs are known for having higher rates of cybersquatting, learn more in our webinar series. The list of worthwhile TLDs for brand protection are .cn for China, .es for Spain, .com.br for Brazil, .com.au for Australia and .ru for Russia.

Do new domains make worthwhile TLDs?


One final recommendation for worthwhile TLDs we would make is for new domains that are relevant to your brand. Today there are hundreds of new domain endings (.whatevers). The purpose of these new domains is to further categorize the Internet by providing extremely description website addresses. A user will have an idea of what kind of content to expect from a website from the URL. Research the new domains that makes sense to your your industry, product or brand and register those so a competitor can’t.

If you have a website with the distinct purposes of providing helpful guides to community members and visitors, besides the .com you may also want to register worthwhile TLDs like .help, .guide, .club, etc. 101domain carries the largest selection of TLDs in the industry. You can check out the full list of all new domains here

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community of houses
museum tour guide showing students around worthwhile TLDs

Domain names help you own your space online and protect your brand from competition and criminal activity. CNOBI domains are a great starting place for new users. The next stage would be expanding your domain portfolio with ccTLDs and new worthwhile TLDs.  

Question for our readers:

Besides .com, which TLDs do you find to be worthwhile?

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