7 Google Meet Features to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

In the digital age, virtual meetings can either make or break your team’s productivity. We’ve all experienced the pain of sitting through tedious Zoom meetings where nothing seems to work right (but who still uses Zoom?) At 101domain, we’ve been super happy with Google Meet for all of our virtual meetings. Here are 7 of our favorite Google Meet features that make team meetings a breeze. 

Easy Join Integrations

Joining a meeting with Google Meet is easy – just click “join meeting” directly from a calendar event, email invite, or right from Gmail. The best part is there are no app installs, accounts, or special plug-ins required. That means anyone with the link can instantly join from their web browser and everything is ready to go! Talk about streamlined.

Easy Join Integrations

On-the-Go Mode

Need to join a meeting while you’re out and about? Easily view all your scheduled meetings for the day and join with just a tap. You can do this on the Gmail mobile app or on the dedicated Meet app. Want to skip the apps? Google has got you covered there too. Each meeting also has a dial-in phone number, so you can simply call in to join the meeting without using Wi-Fi or data. Walk and talk with ease!

On-the-Go Mode

Meeting Recording

With Google Meet, make full length screen recordings of the entire meeting so you can watch it back later. This feature is perfect for referencing important points of conversation after the meeting, or in case someone couldn’t make it. What’s great about Google Meet’s recordings is the chat logs are also recorded, so you get the full context of the meeting just like you were really there!

Google Meet Features recording

AI Generated Captions

This might be the coolest feature on this list. Google Meet can automatically generate captions in real time, giving you subtitles to read exactly what a person is saying as they say it. This is super helpful for any situation when it’s hard to hear the speaker. Perhaps the space you’re in is noisy, someone is talking too fast, or maybe you just like to read along as you listen. Whatever the case, AI Generated Captions increase comprehension and remove a lot of the frustration associated with virtual meetings.

Note: Translated captions are only available for the following Workspace editions: Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus.

AI generated captions


Hand in hand with the last feature, you can also turn on transcripts to get a written record of everything said in the meeting. Google’s AI will write everything down in real time and create an easy document for you to view later. This feature is great for referencing details of conversations after the meeting, or just to keep track of where the meeting went.


Translated captions

Want to have conversations with foreign speakers, without having to actually learn their language? Google Meet’s AI technology makes that possible as well. Turn on Translated Captions and get captions automatically generated in your language, in real time! That means someone can be speaking in Spanish, and you can read it in English. Then you can speak in English, and they can read it in Spanish. This technology is really an amazing tool to eliminate language barriers in your meetings.

Note: Translated captions are only available for the following Workspace editions: Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus.

Translated captions


 Visually convey your ideas with ease using the Whiteboarding feature. Powered by Jamboard, Google Meet’s Whiteboarding feature is a virtual dry erase board you can use to draw, write, and map out your ideas for everyone to see. Kickstart your brainstorming sessions, boost collaboration, and add a nice visual element to your next meeting.

Google Meet features whiteboarding

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