We have an office chat that’s somewhat productive, revolving around the topic of food a majority of the time, and always entertaining. One of our favorite things to do is share cool online resources we find with everyone in the office. There are so many online resources that exist on the web to help you be more productive, better at your job or accomplish assignments easier and more efficiently, and there’s no greater feeling we get than sharing our best staff finds with all of you! Here are our December picks!

Your Website Browser

Yourwebsitebrowser.is gives up to date and archivable statistics on browser market share. Between Chrome 60.0, Chrome 61.0 and Chrome 49.0, Google Chrome is the web browser of choice with 63.77% loyal users.

Why this is a great online resources tool

It’s important to understand how your visitors interact with your website so you can create the best possible customer experience for them. For instance, knowing that most users choose Chrome makes it essential for you to have an SSL certificate. The latest Google Chrome update from Oct 1st includes a new security feature that warns Internet users of websites that are not https secured by labeling them as non-secure.

We also have to mention we appreciate the use of .IS domain name and the official top-level domain for Iceland being cleverly used as a hack for the word “is” to complete to phrase “your website browser is”.

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One of our developers shared this awesome resource with us. Anything that saves you time, is money! Ninite watches for program updates so you don’t have to. Just check off the apps you want and install and update all of your programs at once.

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Quuu Promote

If you want to be a thought leader in your industry but are having a hard time ramping up your content marketing efforts, Quuu Promote is a resource that curates article suggestions based on topics you choose. A robust content marketing plan includes both content you created and content of others you share. The more you interact with other brands and bridge the gap between different industries the more opportunities you will create as far as exposure to your brand and creating symbiotic relationships.

Free Quuu

The free version allows you to choose 5 keywords that determine the 2 pieces of content suggested for you daily. Quuu Promote auto-populates the posts on the social accounts of your choosing including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Google Plus and Pinterest. You can change and edit posts and track analytics.

Paid Promotion with Quuu Promote

All of the content generated on Quuu Promote are paid promotional posts. What are the benefits of promoting your posts on Quuu Promote rather than directly on your social accounts? Your promotions are coming from third parties rather than your own social account. This means the potential reach includes their reach as opposed to being limited to only your reach. For each person or business who shares your article, there is the possibility of exposure on all of the social accounts they have synced, instead of only on a single platform.

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Google Web Designer

Google’s Web Designer lets you build animated banner ads for the web. You can design your own ads with no coding required. The designs are responsive, seamlessly changing to fit any screen and any device without compatibility issues. Animated ads are compelling and captivating, allowing you to take your storytelling to another level. What better tool to use to design ads than the platform you are going to be displaying them on? Google designed with you in mind, covering everything from the tap area, image buttons and gallery, tap to call/text, maps, and YouTube functionality.

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TechCrunch is what we are reading right now. We work in tech so it’s essential that we stay up to date on all of the latest trends and online resources in technology. With start-ups registering .AI domain names for Artificial Intelligence, .IO domains for Input/Output and .LY we like to stay informed on the topics they are interested in. The tech industry moves so fast, TechCrunch gives great insight as to what your competitors are doing and major announcements you need to know about.

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