5 Web Resources June

As the world starts to heal and many businesses are opening up their doors again, many of us are still working from home – but, while working from home might be a blessing for some, it can be incredibly difficult for others to stay organized.

Today, we want to share with you even more web resources that will help you to stay productive and on top of your game. In the following, you’ll find our favorite websites and apps for June:

1. Buffer

Buffer is a powerful software app for web and mobile use, which was designed to manage your accounts in social networks. It provides the means to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Moreover, it analyzes the results and helps to engage with your community. Your posting times are set up by default, which was optimized for certain peak engagement times of the day. That makes the app easy to use and doesn’t just save you time; it also improves your social media planning to help you reach your goals.

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2. Habit — Daily Tracker

Habit is a daily habit tracking app that is also incredibly easy to use. You can create a habit for anything you want to track, and once you have accomplished it, you can simply check it off your list. You can create a habit for anything you want to track; and, once you have accomplished it, you can simply check it off your list. The app helps you to create daily habits and keep track of them at the same time.

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3. Swipe-Worthy 

Swipe-Worthy is an online community for marketers, copywriters, and creative minds that come together to breakdown the psychology and strategy behind successful marketing examples. Working together helps to understand better what makes them work and effectively implement new insights into your own marketing campaigns. Decades of print and digital ad material is being analyzed by experts and creative people, and you can simply take the best ideas and use them yourself.

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4. Ulysses

In our modern times, most people stopped carrying around physical notebooks for story writing that don’t provide any digital backup. Ulysses is a writing app that focusses on the joy of the writing experience, combined with effective document management. It has a configurable internal storage structure, which makes it easy to organize your work and documents in specific categories. If needed, you can also export a manuscript as PDF to send it to an agent or publisher.

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5. Unlayer

Unlayer is an email template and editor that helps you create beautiful mobile-ready emails and even landing pages. It is easy to use, even if you don’t have a lot experience building emails – just drag-and-drop. 

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