Beware: Your Domains Could Be Headed to.AI Auctions

.AI Domain is Your Greatest Digital Asset

.AI Auctions and the Rapidly Growing .AI Namespace

.AI is not a new extension—it’s actually been around since 1995. However, it wasn’t until Artificial Intelligence became a buzzword in 2017, that investors and companies starting investing in domain names with the term.
According to Statista, as of March 2019, there were close to 280,000 artificial intelligence (AI) patent applications in the United States alone—which is reason for the fierce competition we see for .AI domain names.

Today, the tiny country code domain for Anguilla has grown to include over 60,000 domain names in the zone!

artificial intelligence patent applications

Most Tech Companies and Growing Startups Have Already Secured Their .AI Domains





Many major brands are using short and memorable .AI domain names to forward to their main website.







Expired Domains Go To .AI Auction

The registry for .AI auctions off domain names that previous registrants let expire. With starting bids of $100, this is one of the best bets for AI startups to get a good deal on domain names.

For domain owners who let their .AI domains expire, it could be a nightmare to see their greatest digital assets bid on for much higher than they paid.


Don't let them take yours!

expired domains go to .ai auctions

Say Goodbye— Your Domain Will Soon Be Found at Expired .AI Auctions


Closed on 10/7/2019 with 31 bids

Closed on 7/8/2019 with 30 bids

Closed on 10/7/2019 with 40 bids

Take a look at the .AI sales!

.ai auctions
domains sold at .ai auctions

.AI Domain Auctions and .AI Sales that Topped the Charts

You could let your domains expire and let the registry take it to .ai auctions for the highest bidder, or you could continue to renew your domains knowing they are valuable assets.

The resale value of domains at .ai auctions is incredibly strong. Just see for yourself some of the most interesting aftermarket domain sales below.—$108,000—$101,500—$50,000—$45,000—$12,500—$3,999—$3,000

Don't make the mistake of letting your domains go to .AI auction!